Folk / Singer / Songwriter

Name Play Size Length
Beltane Fire 02-15-12
7.2 MB 5:13 min
Does It Matter
Jerry Christian
9.8 MB 5:22 min
How About You
Jerry Christian
8.1 MB 4:26 min
Lilly Hill m
Chad Cooke
5.4 MB 2:57 min
Not The Only One
Blaze 'n' Kelly
8.3 MB 4:31 min
Not my Fathers Son 10-18-11m
Ryan Bayne
7.9 MB 4:18 min
One Plus One 6-23-09 m
Desirae Bronson
5.3 MB 2:54 min
Blaze 'n' Kelly
8.1 MB 4:26 min
Someone Like Me - Sam Lay 12-22-11
4.4 MB 3:12 min
Sometimes fall 7-9-09 m
Desirae Bronson
6.6 MB 3:37 min
Sunset 3-6-12
5.7 MB 4:08 min

Latest Video Project



Film & Video

The soundtrack for the full-length motion picture "Not This Part of the World" was recorded entirely at the Audio Lab, and much of the on-location audio was recorded with the Audio Lab mobile recording unit. All sound-editing for the film was also completed at the Audio Lab.


After 19 years of doing business in Boise Idaho, Audio Lab has become well known for its work with many local, regional and national Rock, Hard Rock, heavy Metal, Ska, Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance, Industrial, Jazz, Fusion, country,  gospel and Bluegrass groups.

Mastering / Re-Mastering

Using DC ART digital audio restoration tools, the Audio Lab is able to convert old analog recordings to a cleaner, sharper digital sound. Remastering old recordings can make them sound truer to the original studio recording than ever before, leaving you with a beautiful recording.