Soda Springs Movie Trailer


 Soda Springs is the story of a man's struggle to claim his future by confronting his past.

Eden Jackson is returning to his hometown to pick up the pieces of the life he was forced to leave eight years earlier when he was sent to prison for manslaughter. This proves to be more difficult than expected as Eden is faced with a town not yet ready nor willing to forgive.

During his absence, his father died sending his mother over the edge and ex-wife is now married to his long time adversary. During his search he meets Shelly, a woman struggling with her own challenges, yet able to accept Eden not for what people are saying but for the man she sees in front of her. The road is not an easy one as old demons resurface to threaten everything Eden has fought to overcome.

An 'old friend,' a 'new love' and a rekindled passion for music open the path to his salvation. On this journey of redemption and self-acceptance, Eden Jackson's life affects many others along the way and affirms that often the only way to the light is through the darkness.

HP eMentor Corporate Video


Sound Design, Editing and mixing




Recording, Sound Design, Composition


Hansen's Surf Shop Fuel TV Spot


Music Composition and Sound editing



Boise State University - Out of the Blue Trailer


 Sound Design, Editing & mixing and Composition

Albertson's - Ducklings Promo Video


Sound Design, Editing and Mixing



Rockies Awards 2010 Promo Video


Sound Design, Editing & Mixing and Composition



Power Engineers Corporate Video


Sound Design, FX, mixing and editing


True West Film Festival Trailer


Sound Design, Editing and mixing





Documentary about John Trudell. Sound editing and mixing, Audio Restoration


Latest Video Project



Film & Video

The soundtrack for the full-length motion picture "Not This Part of the World" was recorded entirely at the Audio Lab, and much of the on-location audio was recorded with the Audio Lab mobile recording unit. All sound-editing for the film was also completed at the Audio Lab.


After 19 years of doing business in Boise Idaho, Audio Lab has become well known for its work with many local, regional and national Rock, Hard Rock, heavy Metal, Ska, Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance, Industrial, Jazz, Fusion, country,  gospel and Bluegrass groups.

Mastering / Re-Mastering

Using DC ART digital audio restoration tools, the Audio Lab is able to convert old analog recordings to a cleaner, sharper digital sound. Remastering old recordings can make them sound truer to the original studio recording than ever before, leaving you with a beautiful recording.