Film & Video Services

Movie Soundtracks

The soundtrack, Sound design, Sound Editing, Music Supervision and Mixing for the full-length motion picture "Soda Springs" was recorded entirely at the Audio Lab by Steve Fulton and Pat Storey. This movie is very music intensive and is full of Idaho Artists.

‘Out of the Blue’ was also Sound designed and edited along with Music Supervision and scoring as well. This film was mixed and edited with Highly respected and successful Hollywood director Michael Hoffman

In addition, the Audio Lab recently completed work on "The FBI Files," a program that airs nationally on the Discovery Channel.

Sound Design & Sound Editing

We design and edit all aspects of sound for film and video including sound effects, original music compositions, voice-overs, and location sound.

TV & Radio Spots

Many Boise and National businesses have come to the Audio Lab for both television and radio advertisements. Recent projects include television ads for the Boise Steelheads and the "Sex lasts a minute" ads for the Government Coalition on Teen Pregnancy. In addition, the Audio Lab has been used to create syndicated radio programs.

Corporate Videos & CD-ROMS

The Audio Lab has been the source of audio editing for a multitude of Fortune 500 corporations and international businesses such as Micron Computers, Micron Technology, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Apple to name a few. The Audio Lab frequently scores original music and sound effects for training videos, trade show presentations, CD-ROMs and more.



Audio Lab has recording the character Gus Tuno’s voice for the latest Star Wars Video Game for Lucas Arts Films.

Latest Video Project



Film & Video

The soundtrack for the full-length motion picture "Not This Part of the World" was recorded entirely at the Audio Lab, and much of the on-location audio was recorded with the Audio Lab mobile recording unit. All sound-editing for the film was also completed at the Audio Lab.


After 19 years of doing business in Boise Idaho, Audio Lab has become well known for its work with many local, regional and national Rock, Hard Rock, heavy Metal, Ska, Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance, Industrial, Jazz, Fusion, country,  gospel and Bluegrass groups.

Mastering / Re-Mastering

Using DC ART digital audio restoration tools, the Audio Lab is able to convert old analog recordings to a cleaner, sharper digital sound. Remastering old recordings can make them sound truer to the original studio recording than ever before, leaving you with a beautiful recording.